Feng Shui

Feng Shui brings harmony between the energies in a space and occupants present.

Using a Chinese compass called a Luopan with knowledge of when a structure was built, we can establish an energy map of the building. This map will reveal characteristics of the energy residing in walls and entering doors, windows and pathways and will provide guidance how the residents might be affected.

Favorable characteristics can be enhanced while unfavorable characteristics can be directed to more constructive outcomes. This practice can assist in harmonious life for both residential buildings and businesses.

Business Applications

With your business in mind, think of the following questions:

  • Is your business working up to full potential obtainable by the building and surrounding area?
  • Is the space appropriately used based on the energies present?
  • Do your employees feel supported and productive in their workspace?
  • Do customers use the best pathways and entries to facilitate bringing in new customers?
  • Is there more you can do to bring opportunities to your company or business?

business spend a lot of time interviewing and finding the perfect candidate for a position within a company. Isn’t it time to get the most from the building as well? Feng Shui can address each of the above questions and more. Proper knowledge of the building can help your business prosper and bring harmony to the employees, customers and clients.

Four Pillars of Destiny

There is a special energy pattern at the precise time and place you were born that will influence you your entire life. Since energy is always in transition, your life energy cycles can be documented to give you clues about some of the influences you will be under as your life progresses. Knowing these cycles and your natal chart can help you make decisions that will result in a more harmonious outcome and smoother life experiences.

Yi Jing - Wen Wang Gua

If you believe that we are all part of a whole universe, it is easy to recognize that there are systems that allow us to communicate with and access information from that which we are a part of. One such system is the Yi Jing (I Ching). It is an ancient system that derives a hexagram from which the information may be interpreted.

You may have heard of the Yi Jing (I Ching) as the Book of Changes. This is an ancient text that explains the cycles of change based on historical events. The use of this book to interpret the hexagrams is currently the most popular way people gain assistance through this practice. The text does call for some creative thinking and years of practice to be able to see how the historical events can be reinterpreted for modern use. Because of this, it may cause some difficulty being objective while reading the outcome.

Another method is Wen Wang Gua. This is the method preferred by professionals for divination in China. This method makes use of the same 64 hexagrams as outlined in the text. But, each line has an assigned branch of the Chinese zodiac. These lines are then closely analyzed to see the relationships between them as well as relationships between assigned subjects and objects.

Wen Wang Gua is used to get a clearer picture of a given situation and a short term result of the decisions in question.

About Janean

Janean Crapo is the owner of Harmony Reflected. Her interest in working with energy began with her involvement in Seidokan Aikido. As an instructor and student at the Aikido Institute of Michigan, Seiwa Dojo, students asked for a specialty class that developed into an Aikido Subtleties class with special attention to energy (ki) flow as it pertains to both the attack and the response to an attack. She is Chief Instructor of Ki Development for Seidokan Aikido and holds the rank of Rokudan (6th degree black belt) with instructor title of Shihan (Master Teacher). She continues to practice and teach Aikido at Seiwa Dojo and offers Practical Self Defense classes within the surrounding communities. She is author of Building a Foundation for Ki Development, Ki Development Through Awareness, Ki Development Through Aikitaiso; a Seminar Guide and Handout , and Teaching Teachers… There Is a Difference; Seminar Guide and Handout currently being offered through Seidokan Aikido and Aikido Institute of Michigan.

Working with energies of attack and defense soon turned into an interest in using energy for health and healing. Under teachers Liang, Shou-Yu and Wu, Wen-Ching, Janean studied Medical, Taoist, Buddhist and Martial Qigong. She is certified to teach Medical Qigong and has been granted permission to teach Buddhist and Taoist Qigong. Classes are offered through Seiwa Dojo.

The next natural step for energy work was the study of Feng Shui. Dissatisfied with the common material available, after a lot of searching, Janean found the Feng Shui Research Center and began training under Master Joseph Yu. Through the years, the study and practice of Ba Zi (Four Pillars of Destiny) and Wen Wang Gua (Professional Yi Jing) was added to enhance and supplement services offered through Harmony Reflected. Janean is a recognized Master of Feng Shui with the Feng Shui Research Center and continues her education with Master Joseph Yu.


  • 2010 Rokudan (6th Black Belt) Seidokan Aikido
  • 2009 Master of Feng Shui granted by Master Joseph Yu, Feng Shui Research Center
  • 2009 Chief Instructor of Ki Development for Seidokan Aikido
  • 2007 Godan ( 5th degree Black Belt) Seidokan Aikido
  • 2004 Seidokan Aikido Teaching Certification: Shihan-dai (Assistant Master Instructor)
  • 2003 Sr. Practitioner, Feng Shui Research Center
  • 2001 Higher Diploma Feng Shui Research Center
  • 2001 Practitioner, Feng Shui Research Center

Feng Shui Research Center: Coursework and Seminars

  • Coursework:
    • Beginning Feng Shui
    • Intermediate Feng Shui
    • Advanced Feng Shui
    • Feng Shui - Instructor's Course
    • Xuan Kong Da Gua
    • Four Pillars of Destiny
    • Wen Wang Gua Yi Jing
  • Seminars:
    • Water Methods and Xuan Kong Da Gua
    • Master Class – Feng Shui
    • Dynamic Xuan Kong Feng Shui
    • Water Methods Series
    • Four Pillars of Destiny
    • Four Pillars:Upgrading Course: Dripping Heaven's Secret
    • Professional Yijing Divination
    • Qi Men Dun Jia


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